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Laser Pointers Red ULTRA BRIGHT 635nm
Optimised 635nm Diode
Acupuncture laser

Ultra thin, light, ultra bright!! 9.5 mm diameter and just 1.4 oz.

SKU : Red UB Acu/0

PRICE : 38.50 : Was 49.00 : Saving:10.50

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Made of solid brass with satin-smooth, fingerprint-proof chrome finish. Feels like solid velvet. Optimised 635 nm Diode this laser is 10 Times brighter than most budget red lasers and 5 times brighter than 650nm red  lasers YET its still within UK and Europe legal power outputs of <1mW , also Ideal for use in acupuncture

This Item exlcusive to Bluesky In Uk is very rare , all 635nm Red lasers in CLass 2 <1mW format are rare as the world standard is <5mW 670 nm for the USA market .lIf you must have a 635nm BUY TODAY as they always sell out fast and always take time to obtain further stocks as they need to be Specifically manufactured for Uk market. Further , this ALL BLACK version adds to its exclusivity.

DIMENSIONS : 9.5mm x 118mm .

It is believed that a 635 nm laser can be used to stimulate acupuncture points in a similar way to a needle. Any one with a suitable understanding of acupuncture meridians and their effects on the body might use a laser to stimulate appropriate points. This might be useful for therapists with a knowledge of acupuncture meridians but who are not qualified to use needles to stimulate appropriate points without painful acupressure or for clients who are scared of needles. Batteries supplied

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